Helder Coelho Dias



In creating my work I try to play a peaceful role of observer as critical of shaker, where among several approaches, social and environmental ecology has some relevance, prescribing the meaning of spiritual animism, inscribed in nature itself, this sensitivity, which is still overshadows much in the collective consciousness and individual. I want to go this route due to my singular passion for Nature, where energy and matter coexist with one another, embodying itself in my biggest inspiration.

Technically try to avoid the two-dimensional space of the area where I work, exploring the three dimensional touch that appeals to the observer, achieved through the creation of reliefs themselves, where the collage, assemblage and density of the pigment has a crucial role.

ORGANIC STRUCTURES art project Statement:

The organic nature of being and morphological form, are the systems and actions that i intend to devote to this project, where complexity is revealed both attractive and simple. Distinct entities emerge this connection, revealing itself only through the impulse of invisible forces or not, that trigger the creation. The repetition, rhythm, scale, dominance and harmony are some of the concepts that will emerge and will be part of the composition of the elements discussed. The regularity of creation is the main objective of this project, all ArtWorks created are justified by their very existence, concept and intent, opening the way to different interpretations depending on the sensitivity and logic of the observer, a process that permeates the Contemporary Art.


  • Fine Art
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Installation